MRS has partnered with Compare Your Footprint to offer you 20% discount for our online carbon calculator and benchmarking software.

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How do we start carbon footprinting?

  • Check out our Features & Pricing below
  • Register to one of our calculator software subscription licences
  • Access our step-by-step tutorial in our welcome email and via your account
  • Set up your Organisation, facilities and then start adding your usage data, e.g. electricity, gas, waste, water, travel, materials use and more!
  • View your carbon footprint and consumption results
  • Benchmark your organisation against others in your industry
  • Download your carbon footprint report in excel or a PDF!

What happens next?

Talk to us about setting science-based targets and creating an environmental management plan.
We can help you accelerate your transition to a low carbon, just and sustainable world.

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/+VAT per year

  • Report on your annual carbon emissions
  • Unlimited facilities, projects or divisions
  • Measure Scopes 1, 2 AND 3 emissions
  • Benchmark against others in your industry
  • Reduce your emissions year-on-year and receive an equivalent discount year-on-year
  • Access to online support
  • Free guidance on how to reduce your emissions



Per year excluding VAT

Under £300K


£300k - £1m 

£99 £79.20

£1m - £5m

£399 £319.20

£5m - £10m

£999 £799.20

£10m - £20m

£1,599 £1,279.20


£1,799 £1,439.20


£1,999 £1,599.20

You are also invited to join our online community to collaborate, learn, educate and inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact

What's on offer?

  • Free guidance on carbon footprinting, reduction and environmental management
  • Sustainable business podcasts (with an opportunity to start a discussion with our inspiring guests).
  • Access to environmental management training
  • A chance to showcase your sustainability solutions and insights
  • A network of like-minded professionals to meet