Annual Reporting

  • £399 +VAT (per annum)
  • £1 – £5m Turnover
  • £999+VAT (per annum)
  • £5 – £10m Turnover

ESOS is an EU wide directive that affects many organisations if you think you are falling or do fall into it, CompareYourFootprint,com can help with your submission. Contact Us for information.

* In addition to our great value service we will be applying a discount to all companies that reduce their carbon footprint. There will be discounts on a sliding scale to any organisation that reduces its emissions. How it works is simple – reduce emissions by 20% year on year and continue to receive a 20% discount year on year! The more you reduce the more you save. All data will be reviewed by one of Green Elements Consultants.

As a certified Benefit Corporation we are offering discounts to other B-Corps. Please contact us for details.