Small99 offers practical guidance towards Net Zero for small business owners

Small99 has partnered with Compare Your Footprint and Green Element Academy to offer you 10% discount or 20% for certified B-Corps when registering to our online carbon footprint calculator and benchmarking software and environmental courses.

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How do I start to measure our carbon footprint?

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  • REGISTER to one of our calculator software subscription licences >>
  • Access our step-by-step tutorial in our welcome email and via your account
  • Set up your Organisation, facilities and then start adding your usage data, e.g. electricity, gas, waste, water, travel, materials use and more!
  • View your carbon footprint and consumption results
  • Benchmark your organisation against others in your industry
  • Download your carbon footprint report in excel or a PDF!

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What happens next?

Talk to us about setting science-based targets and creating an environmental management plan.
We can help you accelerate your transition 
to a low carbon, just and sustainable world.

Features, Benefits & Pricing



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  • Report on your annual carbon emissions
  • Unlimited facilities, projects or divisions
  • Measure Scopes 1, 2 AND 3 emissions
  • Benchmark against others in your industry
  • Reduce your emissions year-on-year and receive an equivalent discount year-on-year
  • Access to online support
  • Invitation to online community to access free guidance on how to reduce your emissions



Per year excluding VAT 10% discount

Under £300K


£300k - £1m 

£99 £89

£1m - £5m

£399 £359

£5m - £10m

£999 £899

£10m - £20m

£1,599 £1,439


£1,799 £1,619


£1,999 £1,799

Green Element Academy

10% discount   |  20% if you are a B-Corp

IEMA Certified EMS Implementation

This course is designed to implement an EMS in your organisation by learning the latest environmental standards and earn ISO 14001 IEMA certification, the renowned Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.