Work with us to help as many organisations as possible to go green

We invite like-minded sustainability professionals like you to apply to join our Ambassador programme.

Refer organisations to Compare Your Footprint or Green Element Academy and your referral receives a discount and you receive a referral fee.

How it works 

Dedicated web page

Where your referrals will be able to:

  • Learn more and register with Compare Your Footprint and/or Green Element Academy
  • Apply to join our Sustainability Solved online community (automatic on registration to tool or course)
  • Gain access to related courses / guides and human support.


Let's shout about our partnership

  • Announce partnership across our industry and social networks. Including B-Corp.
  • We provide client communication guidance.
  • Invitation to join Sustainability Solved Online Community
  • Invitation to take part in Green Element Podcast
  • Ongoing support


Referral fees and discounts

  • You get 10%* referral fee on registrations to Compare Your Footprint for the first year (5% thereafter)
  • Your referral gets 10%* discount when registering to Compare Your Footprint
  • You get 10%* referral fee on registration to any Green Element Academy course
  • Your referral gets 10%* discount when enrolling onto any Green Element Academy course
  • You get 5% referral fee on Green Element Environmental Management Consultancy

Our Ambassadors

"REDBOX believes in working with credible partners, so signing up to the Ambassador Programme with fellow B Corp Green Element & Compare Your Footprint was an easy decision. This exciting purpose driven initiative will add genuine benefit to our customers, our business and the environment.”

Matt Letley, REDBOX Group M.D.

The Sustainable Sidekicks are on a mission to share sustainability and behaviour change principles for greater environmental impact and engagement outside of the green echo chamber. 

So if you want to improve the sustainability of the organisation or events you work for…Or increase the reach and impact of your campaigns, communications and ethical products; then we have got trainings and workshops to get you started on.

Bemari is an impact collective, bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise to advance sustainable development. 

"As a B Corp consultant, I help companies with a wide range of social and environmental practices and was excited to begin working with Green Element/Compare Your Footprint as our carbon footprint partner. Their expertise in helping companies calculate their carbon footprints provides much-needed support with what could otherwise be a challenging practice for small businesses. I value our partnership as fellow B Corps working across continents in support of a common goal."  

Carolina Miranda, Founder of Cultivating Capital

Their purpose is to create diverse, multi-faceted woodlands that benefit our world and society, while at the same time nurturing an asset that provides returns beyond the confines of a balance sheet.

Your name here!

*Fellow Certified B-Corporation Ambassadors get 20% referral fees and their B-Corp referrals get 20% discount when registering to Compare Your Footprint or Green Element Academy courses.